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Go2training helps you find expert trainers and training in your area. We offer features like detailed profiles,  expertise, specialities, references and reviews of the best professional trainers.  Whether you are looking for sales, leadership, customer service or more specific specialty training, we offer the most comprehensive directory of training professionals in the industry.  No need to search google to find the training you are looking for.  Now you can find it all in one place, right here, right now.

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The Training Network is made up of many distinct training channels, each backed by a powerful group of related training communities, where professionals can get connected with exactly the type of trainer, coach, educator or training program they are searching for to help them in their career.


We connect you with trainers within our network and help you channel them so specifically that when they get to you, they’re exactly what you’re looking for. So take a look around and see which channel will lead you to the training you are looking for to help you in your career.

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So…how does it work? is the premier Training Network focused on helping people grow and succeed professionally. By connecting professionals and employers with quality trainers, speakers and training programs through our unique channels and industry and regional communities, we are changing the way searching for quality training programs is done. Through powerful communication tools and a personalized online Training Portfolio, members have a 24/7 online presence and access to training search functions, networking features, social and industry searches.